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Area Guide of Shams 1 - Shams - Jumeirah Beach Residence - Dubai


Shams 1 Dubai is a residential development located in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), a popular waterfront community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a part of the larger Shams development, which consists of several residential towers and offers a luxurious beachfront lifestyle.

Transport & Access:

Shams 1 Dubai is conveniently located with easy access to major highways, making commuting to other parts of Dubai and beyond convenient. The community is well-connected with public transportation options, including buses and the Dubai Tram, which provides easy access to the Dubai Metro. Additionally, the area is served by taxis and ride-hailing services.

Nearby Schools:

There are several reputable schools in close proximity to Shams 1 Dubai, ensuring that families have access to quality education. Some of the nearby schools include:

1. Dubai British School - Located in The Springs community, it offers a British curriculum from Foundation Stage to Year 13.
2. Emirates International School - Situated in The Meadows, it follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.
3. American School of Dubai - Located in Al Barsha, it offers an American curriculum from Pre-K to Grade 12.

Things to Do:

Living in Shams 1 Dubai provides residents with a wide range of recreational and entertainment options. Some of the popular activities and attractions nearby include:

1. Jumeirah Beach Walk - A vibrant promenade lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.
2. The Beach at JBR - A popular beachfront destination with a variety of water sports activities, outdoor cinemas, and a range of dining options.
3. Dubai Marina Mall - A modern shopping mall with a wide selection of retail outlets, restaurants, and a cinema.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Shams 1 Dubai is located within the larger Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) community, which is surrounded by several other vibrant neighborhoods. Some of the nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Dubai Marina - A bustling waterfront community known for its luxury residential towers, marina promenade, and vibrant nightlife.
2. Palm Jumeirah - An iconic man-made island featuring luxurious villas, hotels, and resorts, offering stunning views of the Dubai skyline.
3. Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) - A mixed-use development with residential and commercial towers, surrounded by artificial lakes and landscaped gardens.

Overall, Shams 1 Dubai offers residents a luxurious beachfront lifestyle with easy access to transportation, quality education options, a variety of recreational activities, and proximity to other vibrant neighborhoods in Dubai.