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Area Guide of Sharjah


Sharjah is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is located on the Arabian Gulf coast. It is the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah and is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional values. Sharjah is often referred to as the "Cultural Capital of the Arab World" due to its numerous museums, art galleries, and cultural festivals.

Transport & Access:

Sharjah is well-connected to other emirates in the UAE and has an extensive transportation network. The city is served by Sharjah International Airport, which offers both domestic and international flights. Additionally, Sharjah is connected to Dubai via several major highways, making it easily accessible by road. Public transportation within the city includes buses and taxis, providing convenient options for getting around.

Nearby Schools:

Sharjah is home to a wide range of educational institutions, offering quality education for students of all ages. Some notable schools in the area include:

1. American University of Sharjah
2. University of Sharjah
3. Sharjah English School
4. GEMS Millennium School
5. Sharjah Indian School
6. Victoria International School

These schools provide a variety of curricula, including American, British, Indian, and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

Things to Do:

Sharjah offers a plethora of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Some popular things to do in Sharjah include:

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: Explore the rich history and culture of the Islamic world through a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits.
2. Al Noor Island: A beautiful island park featuring lush gardens, art installations, and a butterfly house.
3. Sharjah Aquarium: Discover the marine life of the Arabian Gulf through interactive exhibits and underwater tunnels.
4. Al Qasba: A waterfront destination with a Ferris wheel, canal cruises, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
5. Sharjah Art Foundation: Visit contemporary art galleries, attend exhibitions, and participate in workshops and events.
6. Al Majaz Waterfront: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the waterfront promenade, dine at waterfront restaurants, or take a boat ride on the lake.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Sharjah is surrounded by several neighborhoods that offer diverse residential options. Some nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Al Nahda: Located near the Dubai border, Al Nahda is a popular residential area with a mix of apartments and villas.
2. Al Taawun: Known for its high-rise residential towers, Al Taawun offers a range of amenities and easy access to shopping malls.
3. Al Khan: Situated along the coast, Al Khan is known for its beachfront properties and recreational facilities.
4. Al Majaz: A vibrant neighborhood with waterfront apartments, parks, and a bustling commercial area.
5. Muwaileh: Located on the outskirts of Sharjah, Muwaileh offers affordable housing options and easy access to universities and schools.

These neighborhoods provide a variety of housing options, amenities, and proximity to key attractions in Sharjah.

Overall, Sharjah offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, educational opportunities, and recreational activities, making it an attractive place to live or visit in the UAE.